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With You


I am beautiful

I am charming

I am sexy

I am ferocious

I am strong

I am fearless

I am courageous

I am intelligent

I am clever

I am gifted

I am witty

I am funny

I am sharp

I am soft

I am hard

I am tough

I am formidable

I am vengeful

I am wrath

I am a fighter

I am a defender

I am forceful

I am rage

I am sinful

I am holy

I am glorious

I am kind

I am gentle

I am considerate

I am loving

I am giving

I am respectful

I am honorable

I am dedicated

I am honest

I am loyal

I am a lover

I am a friend

I am a mother

I am a daughter

I am a niece

I am a sister

I am a loner

I am a nerd

I am a dreamer

I am a poet

I am a writer

I am an artist

I am an athlete

I am a traveler

I am an adventurer

I am a foreigner

I am a citizen

I am an enigma

I am a rabbit

I am a tiger

I am air

I am a star

I am dynamic

I am great

I am fantastic

I am complete

and with you…

I am so much more


Pretty Girl Problem (written for Tim)

so you want a pretty girl

who has style and finesse

a whole lot of sass

and a nice ass

perhaps one with raven hair

and eyes the color of the sky

a slim figure and short stature

she makes you feel tall

and climb the walls at night

she plays with your Dudley

and charms all your friends

even impresses the family

not that it really matters

but you can’t seem to find her

too many carbon copies

are all over campus

with their box color blondes

salon tans and sorority tees

shallow outlooks on the world

only trying to get over on the next John

been burned before by the same chick

so you got yourself a mail order bride instead

turned out she was up to the same tricks

wondering when your going to catch a clue

you need an ugly girl to satisfy you

one that will be grateful to even be seen with you

a fat girl with a lot more meat on her bones

she’ll keep you fed with a beer in your hand

I say get a dumb girl

she’ll never understand a word you say

but nod her head sweetly to any insane

thing you want to do

you could get away with anything!

dude…leave the pretty girls alone

they’re way too much trouble

full of nothing but lies

secret rendezvous with other guys

followed by random proposals

and scary outbursts

none have left you happy

you’ve put them all out

only to bring the next one in

get an ugly girl man…

she’ll make you happy for the rest of your days

by being grateful…subservient

and staying the fuck out of your way

an ugly girl the best solution

to your pretty girl problem


by Felecia

Lost Key

I’m the heartbreaker

with a broken heart

its not on my sleeve

its padlocked in a trunk

in the basement

buried six feet under

and I’ve lost the key

still holding onto feelings I haven’t buried

they trouble me during the night

and worry me in the day

I have no rest

can’t call it love

its no longer here

can’t call it hate

I haven’t the energy for it

there’s a storm where my heart used to be

its been raining there ever since

dark clouds brewing inside

lightening flashes are the only light

its flooded there and I’m drowning

dear Lord where did I put that key

by Felecia

Give Me Your Heart

give me ur heart
and I promise I won’t break it
give me ur love so that
I can make dreams and wishes
out of it
prepare food from our passion
cloth us in our joy
write a song out of love making
I want ur heart so that I may feel
the warmth of the sun
give me ur kisses so I can taste the honey dew
touch me so that the spring rains may fall upon me
allow me ur gaze so that I can see the stars
place ur heart in my hands
so that I can mold and shape it
create a world for us to live
unite our souls for a home
and plant seeds in my garden
to grow our family
but only if u give me ur heart
(may not end here…possible continuation)
by Felecia


Lets make the world our paradise
it is a gift from God
a garden he has given us
though we must till its soil
still our blessings flow from it
our lives depend upon its yield
there we must erect a temple
a place of worship of our creator
the world is our paradise
only we can declare it so
we must work to sustain its beauty
to make it a place of peace not war
for our friends and family to gather
the world is our paradise
it has been established for our pleasure
the oceans for us to swim and fish
the mountains for us to climb
the clouds for us to daydream
even the moon and stars
have been set for us to marvel
lets make the world our paradise
and rejoice at the pleasures it brings
by Felecia

He Quit… I Didn’t

He quit out on life but I didn’t

my struggles aren’t over

I still have rain clouds overhead

trying to make rainbows out of the storm

can still see the sunlight

melting the frost where it once was cold

I’m not looking to store up a pot of gold

only trying to save my soul

to wallow in sadness takes too much energy

I’d rather be wrapped up in love

to give it and receive it

to be a part of something stronger than myself

a selfless love

an enduring love

a want to lay me down love

and get you high kind of love

make me want to come love

but that’s 4 another rhyme

What did it take to break your will

what kind of pain must you have suffered

to cause you to be so broken

to have no remorse

to have no feelings

bury your heart

and then walk away

step on everyone else’s and think its okay

your spirit was turned cold

faded from the world you go unnoticed

nothing more than a shade

what caused you to be like this

didn’t anyone ever love you

I’m sure someone did

didn’t anyone ever be your friend

extend their hand to you

offer you help when you needed it most

was no one there for you

I could have been like you

in some cases maybe I am

but somewhere along the way I made a choice

I rather be in the light

than sulking in the shadows

I rather make rainbows shine through the storms

make love at the end of the rainbow

and possibly save my soul


by Felecia

Can’t Sleep

Its 2am and I can’t hardly sleep
Thinkin about what I want to do when I see you
Hold your hand… caress your back… kiss your cheek
Talk about how your day went
make you something to eat
Sit a little closer so you can hold me tight
I place my hand on your chest
and you place your hands on my hips
We kiss… the taste of your tongue and the smell of your breath
so sweet to me
Our lips pressed hard together
I feel your heartbeat against my breast
The thoughts in my head are all a blur
filled with touches and licking and sweat all sticky and wet
I place my lips on you there and your hand placed just so
You rub me this away and I pull you in deeper
I’m on top… your on bottom… we’re both turned to the side
intertwined in a lovers’ embrace
Your body slides over mine as I tremble with delight
Can’t tell where you started and I ended
I touch you and you touch me
both our hearts pounding away
We lay there sticky and wet… just how I like it
Its now half passed 2am
Can’t hardly sleep for thinkin about you
By Felecia


what would it take to get you to pray
to get that job you really want
be the first to cross the finish line
to win the lottery
the healthy birth of a child
your life hanging in the balance
someone else’s life
some kind of warning sign
or impending doom hanging over head
what would make you pray
a sickness that’s eaten the morrow from your bones
when your flesh is falling away
perhaps your heart being torn out by a lover
your freedom being threatened by an enemy
that the war would end and everyone would come home
the hope that you can make it through another day
what would get you to pray
is it something that you need
something that you desire
finding your true love
that someday you would have a family
or that feeling would return to your body
both in your hands and in your heart
that your spirit be set free
you could walk again
that ugly scar would heal
tell me what would convince you to pray
a belief in something far greater than your self
that when all hope seems lost
and there is nothing else to grab hold too
when you’ve been beaten and trampled upon
hot tears have scorched the ground
your knees are bloodied from kneeling
dirt is stuck between your teeth
when you’re broken
when will you pray
when you want to escape the world
escape from your life
the weight is too much for you to carry
when your spirit is languishing
and your will is shattered
will this make you pray
when will you ask for help
when will you believe
all other options have been denied you
there is no one there to help you
no one to love you
not even yourself
I will pray for you
I will be your faith when you have none of your own
I will not judge you
or turn by back on you
I will be your friend and your family
your comforter and your hope
till you are strong again I will carry you
I will hold your hand and guide you
I will never abandon you and you will never be alone
I am the prayer your heart asked for that your mind could never conceive
I am the greatest love you have ever known
all that you need and desire I am

by Felecia

Light for Dark

Where is the light
Where is the peace and serenity
I can’t find it for the dark
I yearn for a friend and a comforter
Willing to give up my love for some attention
Close up my heart for some affection
Lay down my principles for a piece of pleasure…
    but none can satisfy me
None of these can fill me up
It’s the warmth of the light I’m searching for…
    but still stumbling in the dark
Instead I settle for less than my desires…
    less than what I need
Hoping to find a warm hand to hold on to…
someone to distract me from the world…
shield me from loneliness
Maybe we can look for the light together…
    or fall deeper into darkness.
by Felecia

Lost at 01:04 10/26/2010

What do you do when you’re lost inside.
Stumbling around the world like you’re in the dark.
Feeling helpless and all alone.
Think maybe you deserve it… for all your past sins.
Still holding on to hope… someone will stretch out their hand to guide you…
only to be struck instead… to be hurt… by a friend.
To be blind sided… but saw it coming.
You posses the wisdom and then ignore it… the cause of most of your pain.
To see things no one else sees… sit and wait for the inevitable… then shake your head and ask the Lord why.
You already know the answer… he gave it to you with the wisdom.
Keep making new mistakes… either way you’re still stumbling in the dark.
by Felecia