He Quit… I Didn’t

He quit out on life but I didn’t

my struggles aren’t over

I still have rain clouds overhead

trying to make rainbows out of the storm

can still see the sunlight

melting the frost where it once was cold

I’m not looking to store up a pot of gold

only trying to save my soul

to wallow in sadness takes too much energy

I’d rather be wrapped up in love

to give it and receive it

to be a part of something stronger than myself

a selfless love

an enduring love

a want to lay me down love

and get you high kind of love

make me want to come love

but that’s 4 another rhyme

What did it take to break your will

what kind of pain must you have suffered

to cause you to be so broken

to have no remorse

to have no feelings

bury your heart

and then walk away

step on everyone else’s and think its okay

your spirit was turned cold

faded from the world you go unnoticed

nothing more than a shade

what caused you to be like this

didn’t anyone ever love you

I’m sure someone did

didn’t anyone ever be your friend

extend their hand to you

offer you help when you needed it most

was no one there for you

I could have been like you

in some cases maybe I am

but somewhere along the way I made a choice

I rather be in the light

than sulking in the shadows

I rather make rainbows shine through the storms

make love at the end of the rainbow

and possibly save my soul


by Felecia


About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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