Monthly Archives: January 2013

What happened

what happened to when we were wonderful
what happened to when we were cherished
when we were new
and our whole lives were still before us
before the world despised us
can the bliss of our youth be recaptured
yet retain the wisdom of age
all our sins dissolved to just a blur
where is the unconditional love we once possessed
we used to be so blessed
now like a curse we are battered with hatred
filled with the world’s dread
only the worst in us is celebrated
we lose ourselves to our addictions to misery
we should be chasing life’s mysteries
and all its treasures
they cannot be measured
spend our lives exploring
watching tv all day is so boring
what happened to the life we once had
and all the simple things that made us glad
the whole world has gone mad
we tear our brothers down
stand by and watch our sisters drown
no wonder God doesn’t come around
what happened to the light we had inside
dimmed by all our lies
could it be that its all died
we put all our hope in being reborn
I believe our faith may be forlorn
we were given eyes so that we could see
when did we go blind
we were given ears so that we could hear
but we don’t bother to listen
we were given minds so that we could think
when did they become filled with deceit
what happened to when we were innocent
what happened to our childhood fantasies
we’ve forgotten what we used to be
replaced with all the world’s miseries
denial of what the world should be
afraid of what we could be
what happened to us