Monthly Archives: December 2012

What I did on December 21st

I was waiting for the world to end with drinks
lots of merriment and friends
we had our fill of tequila shots and wine
passing the time for doomsday approach
being told the only thing left will be the roaches
living la vida loca at the last hour
rejoicing till the end while the world is still ours
the world was supposed to end on December 21st
I was only preoccupied with quenching my thirst
the time passed us by and no one had even noticed
it was six after midnight and there weren’t any firework to show us
no mushroom clouds lighting up the skies
no giant meteors raining down destruction from space
no alien invasion…dang
another day of reckoning averted
I still had time to flirt
the guy at the end of the bar was cute
I unbuttoned my shirt and hiked up my skirt
Armageddon is not till 2020 or so its predicted
there’s still time for a lot more sinning
and room to repent before the ending

Waiting for the world to fall

waiting for the world to fall
still hoping some how we will evolve
waiting in vain for the world to change
peace and unity seem so far out of range
there’s a stain on man’s heart
carved out with weapons of war
tearing us all apart
marked with the blood of the innocent
paid for by all the money we’ve spent
we should be trying to take a stand
make a new world for every man
but we’re too busy being fake
God spare us for all our sake
we’re so consumed by our possessions
don’t know if we can be saved even with our confessions
waiting for the world to fall
still hoping we can come together for us all
waiting on new years eve to arrive
praying we might survive
another year past of selfishness
selling our souls for them to perish
we believe we can’t live without the wealth
sacrificing our principles to increase our value
we need to drasticly change our point of view
the devil does exist and he believes in you
gambling with our hearts while they get crushed
the devil is laughing at us
the angels must be so disgusted
and God is probably fed up with us
who are we going to call
when the world falls

In the sky

my heart is empty
been screaming in it
trying to fill it in
tossed a match inside
trying to cast some light in it
my head is full of stressing thoughts
been banging on it to get them out
all I can hear are screams and shouts
probably echoing from my heart
the two are so far apart
my body is completely numb
beating myself to gain some sort of feeling
tried to place where its coming from
and not sure what its about
feeling so trapped all I want is out
I take a step forward
but I’m getting pushed back again
I’m lost and caught up by my past sins
tearing at my chest where my heart should’ve been
want to escape and feel alive again
be free and fly away on the winds
fill my heart up with love and exploring
put my mind at peace with the skies meditation
send me to a place of restoration
where the sun can shine upon my face
my heart and mind can be joined as one
and my spirit be mended with its grace
a place of healing… in the sky

Lives Stolen

lives stolen…
taken away in a gun flash
robbed of the future…
the one you wish you had
what was it that caused you to do it….
that caused you to be so mad
to make you want to blot out another’s light
then turn around and take your own life
what turned you so dark and grim
destroying those who wanted to live
was your life filled with that much anger
rage was all that you could see
fear was all that you could hear
hate was all that you could feel
you wanted to leave this world in a blaze of glory
leave a gory mark that no one would forget
so you took the innocent with you
knowing no one would ever miss you
replaced their happiness with your anguish
their love for your selfishness
their lives with your cries
for what purpose did you achieve this
and done just before Christmas
left behind are empty beds
and unopened gifts
no smiling faces with hugs followed by I love you’s
broken hearts scattered all over the nation
none can give any explanation
doubtful none ever will

A Break

a break up is…
the end of a connection
the end of a friendship
the end of a love affair
and the end of companionship
it is…
a break in kindred spirits
a break in two minds
a break in the heart
and a break in your life
all breaks can and do heal


Missing Love

seeking love and can’t find it
I’m covered in love and can’t have it
love dises me and teases me
just out of my reach and flees from me
it alludes me…misuses and then abuses me
I feel I’ve been run over by love
I’ve been beaten down…
and knocked around by love
degraded and berated by it
love laughs in my face
and still I chase after it
love always manages to escape me
it avoids me at every turn
don’t know if I’ll ever learn
so difficult to catch love
I just want someone to match my love
give into my love and be my love
I’m so confounded by the thought of it
so hungry for a taste of it
I want to grab a hold of love
mold and then become one with it
willing to give up my soul for love
dear Lord forgive me for wanting love so



I walk around town
with my face in a frown
people think I am mean
they stay clear of me
almost like they fear me
but its really sadness upon my face
it walks before me everywhere I go
always with me in every place
leading me along a lonely path
sorrow my only guide
tears have stained my face
my eyes weary from looking for a friend
my mind strained searching for peace
I am never at rest
always in some kind of distress
ashamed and in disgrace because of a bad decision
lame and in pain due to my position
everyone can see it
some can even sense it
my sorrows follow me
rip me open and swallow me
tear me down and hallow me
empty of love and joy
been mislead by too many decoys
I am certainly no purefoy
the whole world it seems is running from me
there is no one willing to help me
want to fly but my head keeps banging the ceiling
want to know how do I escape from these feelings
completely hopeless and unattached to anyone
my sadness is unmatched by everyone