I walk around town
with my face in a frown
people think I am mean
they stay clear of me
almost like they fear me
but its really sadness upon my face
it walks before me everywhere I go
always with me in every place
leading me along a lonely path
sorrow my only guide
tears have stained my face
my eyes weary from looking for a friend
my mind strained searching for peace
I am never at rest
always in some kind of distress
ashamed and in disgrace because of a bad decision
lame and in pain due to my position
everyone can see it
some can even sense it
my sorrows follow me
rip me open and swallow me
tear me down and hallow me
empty of love and joy
been mislead by too many decoys
I am certainly no purefoy
the whole world it seems is running from me
there is no one willing to help me
want to fly but my head keeps banging the ceiling
want to know how do I escape from these feelings
completely hopeless and unattached to anyone
my sadness is unmatched by everyone

About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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