Monthly Archives: November 2012

My love

my love is calling you
why do you look away
I’m trying hard to get you to stay
I’m not making any demands
I placed my heart in your hands
I didn’t put it at your feet
but still you trample on me
my love you don’t want
what is it that you seek
someone to talk to
someone to tell your secrets
laugh at your jokes
stay with you even when you’re broke…broken
hold you when you’re sad
when the world seems to drive you mad
cry with you when you’re hurt
help you up out of the dirt
fight for you when you can’t
someone to help you make amends
do you want a real friend
a lover to make your heart pound
get you to make love sounds
someone to kiss you sweetly
who won’t make you feel needy
get you naked
got you thinkin’ about making babies
put a smile on your face
fill you up with grace
make your spirit rise
get you high on life
someone to give you more
what is it that you’re looking for
someone to cause you pain
someone who doesn’t listen to you
mistreats and hits you
ignores and then screams at you
who reeks havoc and racks your brain
a liar and a cheater
a receiver and a deceiver
a pretty face that brings only strife
make you want to take her life
is that what you prefer
someone like her for a wife
what else can I say
damn I think about you all day
I want to make you feel better
I want us to be together
live the kind of life we want to live
give the love that only lovers give
it won’t matter if we’re riding on a bus
the whole world will be envious of us
my love is real
my love is true
my love is strong
my love is forever
my love is yours



Too much

Too many emotions

too many feelings

they run deep

too many thoughts

too much passion

lovers fantasy out of control

too much time

too much love

forever is just around the corner

On you

Stuck on you

into you

want you

but can’t have you

desire you

feel you

need you

can’t get the same from you

my thoughts are on you

day dreams and erotic visions

want to lay with you

can’t get enough of you

talking with you is a joy

being with you is no chore

sit with you, hold your hand

call you friend

can’t get more from you

see your face and smile

kiss your lips and feel wild

adore you

could fall for you

I’m too much for you