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These are stories I have written for my daughter, Pearl. Enjoy.

galaxy writer returns

I’ve been searching for someone to love
someone to put my trust in
but you keep me at a distance
I don’t quite know what you want
but I got an idea of what you need
some how you look right through me
I’m not made of glass
I’m the diamond sparkling in the night
you’re always looking down at your feet
when you should be looking up at the sky
that’s where I fly
you talk about the stars and how pretty they are
but you seem content to play with pebbles on the ground
some are even stuck in your shoe
kick them off and come fly with me
don’t you know I’m a galaxy writer
I write songs across the heavens that the angels sing
I make musical notes out of comets and dreams
write a sonnet with the planets
tell stories with far out galaxies
if the stars are my stepping stones
and the milky way my swimming pool
what do you think I could make of our love
create for us a new universe
place a new world there with a new Eden
make paradise out of our laughter
discover new treasures out of being together
living forever in a moment
stop walking on the ground
take a walk with me in the skies
boy don’t you know you can fly
stare closely in my eyes
its where the future lies
exploring the heavens
till the end of all time


most of my prayers go unanswered
I won’t be winning the lottery
I won’t be getting an Ashton Martin
I won’t get the million dollar house
or the man of my dreams
I could scream out loud at times
still poor and lonely
I’m probably the strangest person I know
I keep most of my thoughts to myself
only God knows
I’m sure he thinks I’m strange too
I weird myself out at times
probably why my prayers go unanswered
I could live without most of them
hell I do already
just want to find the man in my dreams
had a voodoo woman give me a hint once
probably all a lie though
just wish love would come my way
a lover and a friend
guess that’s too much to ask for
two prayers in one
neither get answered
only the normal people get what they want
I could try pretending
but my secret would come out eventually
my strange ways keep most at a distant
few friends
my looks keep most uninterested
no lover to call
my crazy thoughts keep God silent
no answered prayers

Hold On

hold on to me love
I won’t let you fall
teach you how to fly
paint rainbows across the sky
hold on to me love
when the world feels like its closing in
I’ll open up all the windows… unlock all the doors
run free across sandy beaches… swim in the ocean wide
hold on to me love
there is no need for you to stress
I’ll make you forget all your troubles
just help me undo my dress
hold on to me love
you don’t have to go it alone
I’m here with you…right by your side
help you come up with a solution
fix any of your problems
hold on to me love
when you’re lost I’ll come find you
set you on the right path
help you make it back home
hold on to me love
and don’t ever let go
do it for us
and hold on to love
 by Felecia