Monthly Archives: October 2015

what are we

Are you capable of loving me like I love you

seeing me the way I see you

believing in me as I believe in you

who are we and what are we to become

how should we live… how do we carry on

do we grow together or stay the same

what are we to be to one another

can you be my love and I be yours

will you be my friend and confidant

you tell me all your deepest secrets

even the ones you keep from yourself

I tell you mine no matter how dark they are
what are we together
are we afar even when we are together
can we be the same as when we are apart
are we connected though there are miles between us
do you miss me as I miss you
do you desire me as I you
 even when I become old or gain too much weight
do you still see me as beautiful as I do you
enjoy my company even when the days seem mundane
laugh at my jokes though they are not funny
do you feel joy when I am near the way I feel for you

can you give me what I need and do I give you the same
do you invest in me like I have in you
we’ve signed a contract together
can you honor that… can you honor me

will you blame me for all the ills in your life

or do you count me as your healer

am I the one who causes you much strife

or am I your defender and conqueror of life’s challenges

what are we to gain from being together
the joys and the struggles… the highs and the lows

will it be heaven or hell at our final hour

are we weak or are we strong
do we hold God’s power together

what is it that makes and defines us
are our wills the same… do we believe the same… feel the same
love the same… worship the same… fight the same… stand the same
are we the same body… one flesh… one mind… one spirit
do we walk one path and share this life together
will you be mine forever and I yours
are you my husband and I your wife