In the sky

my heart is empty
been screaming in it
trying to fill it in
tossed a match inside
trying to cast some light in it
my head is full of stressing thoughts
been banging on it to get them out
all I can hear are screams and shouts
probably echoing from my heart
the two are so far apart
my body is completely numb
beating myself to gain some sort of feeling
tried to place where its coming from
and not sure what its about
feeling so trapped all I want is out
I take a step forward
but I’m getting pushed back again
I’m lost and caught up by my past sins
tearing at my chest where my heart should’ve been
want to escape and feel alive again
be free and fly away on the winds
fill my heart up with love and exploring
put my mind at peace with the skies meditation
send me to a place of restoration
where the sun can shine upon my face
my heart and mind can be joined as one
and my spirit be mended with its grace
a place of healing… in the sky

About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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