Waiting for the world to fall

waiting for the world to fall
still hoping some how we will evolve
waiting in vain for the world to change
peace and unity seem so far out of range
there’s a stain on man’s heart
carved out with weapons of war
tearing us all apart
marked with the blood of the innocent
paid for by all the money we’ve spent
we should be trying to take a stand
make a new world for every man
but we’re too busy being fake
God spare us for all our sake
we’re so consumed by our possessions
don’t know if we can be saved even with our confessions
waiting for the world to fall
still hoping we can come together for us all
waiting on new years eve to arrive
praying we might survive
another year past of selfishness
selling our souls for them to perish
we believe we can’t live without the wealth
sacrificing our principles to increase our value
we need to drasticly change our point of view
the devil does exist and he believes in you
gambling with our hearts while they get crushed
the devil is laughing at us
the angels must be so disgusted
and God is probably fed up with us
who are we going to call
when the world falls

About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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