Can’t Sleep

Its 2am and I can’t hardly sleep
Thinkin about what I want to do when I see you
Hold your hand… caress your back… kiss your cheek
Talk about how your day went
make you something to eat
Sit a little closer so you can hold me tight
I place my hand on your chest
and you place your hands on my hips
We kiss… the taste of your tongue and the smell of your breath
so sweet to me
Our lips pressed hard together
I feel your heartbeat against my breast
The thoughts in my head are all a blur
filled with touches and licking and sweat all sticky and wet
I place my lips on you there and your hand placed just so
You rub me this away and I pull you in deeper
I’m on top… your on bottom… we’re both turned to the side
intertwined in a lovers’ embrace
Your body slides over mine as I tremble with delight
Can’t tell where you started and I ended
I touch you and you touch me
both our hearts pounding away
We lay there sticky and wet… just how I like it
Its now half passed 2am
Can’t hardly sleep for thinkin about you
By Felecia

About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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