what would it take to get you to pray
to get that job you really want
be the first to cross the finish line
to win the lottery
the healthy birth of a child
your life hanging in the balance
someone else’s life
some kind of warning sign
or impending doom hanging over head
what would make you pray
a sickness that’s eaten the morrow from your bones
when your flesh is falling away
perhaps your heart being torn out by a lover
your freedom being threatened by an enemy
that the war would end and everyone would come home
the hope that you can make it through another day
what would get you to pray
is it something that you need
something that you desire
finding your true love
that someday you would have a family
or that feeling would return to your body
both in your hands and in your heart
that your spirit be set free
you could walk again
that ugly scar would heal
tell me what would convince you to pray
a belief in something far greater than your self
that when all hope seems lost
and there is nothing else to grab hold too
when you’ve been beaten and trampled upon
hot tears have scorched the ground
your knees are bloodied from kneeling
dirt is stuck between your teeth
when you’re broken
when will you pray
when you want to escape the world
escape from your life
the weight is too much for you to carry
when your spirit is languishing
and your will is shattered
will this make you pray
when will you ask for help
when will you believe
all other options have been denied you
there is no one there to help you
no one to love you
not even yourself
I will pray for you
I will be your faith when you have none of your own
I will not judge you
or turn by back on you
I will be your friend and your family
your comforter and your hope
till you are strong again I will carry you
I will hold your hand and guide you
I will never abandon you and you will never be alone
I am the prayer your heart asked for that your mind could never conceive
I am the greatest love you have ever known
all that you need and desire I am

by Felecia


About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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