Give Me Your Heart

give me ur heart
and I promise I won’t break it
give me ur love so that
I can make dreams and wishes
out of it
prepare food from our passion
cloth us in our joy
write a song out of love making
I want ur heart so that I may feel
the warmth of the sun
give me ur kisses so I can taste the honey dew
touch me so that the spring rains may fall upon me
allow me ur gaze so that I can see the stars
place ur heart in my hands
so that I can mold and shape it
create a world for us to live
unite our souls for a home
and plant seeds in my garden
to grow our family
but only if u give me ur heart
(may not end here…possible continuation)
by Felecia

About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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