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I walk around town
with my face in a frown
people think I am mean
they stay clear of me
almost like they fear me
but its really sadness upon my face
it walks before me everywhere I go
always with me in every place
leading me along a lonely path
sorrow my only guide
tears have stained my face
my eyes weary from looking for a friend
my mind strained searching for peace
I am never at rest
always in some kind of distress
ashamed and in disgrace because of a bad decision
lame and in pain due to my position
everyone can see it
some can even sense it
my sorrows follow me
rip me open and swallow me
tear me down and hallow me
empty of love and joy
been mislead by too many decoys
I am certainly no purefoy
the whole world it seems is running from me
there is no one willing to help me
want to fly but my head keeps banging the ceiling
want to know how do I escape from these feelings
completely hopeless and unattached to anyone
my sadness is unmatched by everyone

My love

my love is calling you
why do you look away
I’m trying hard to get you to stay
I’m not making any demands
I placed my heart in your hands
I didn’t put it at your feet
but still you trample on me
my love you don’t want
what is it that you seek
someone to talk to
someone to tell your secrets
laugh at your jokes
stay with you even when you’re broke…broken
hold you when you’re sad
when the world seems to drive you mad
cry with you when you’re hurt
help you up out of the dirt
fight for you when you can’t
someone to help you make amends
do you want a real friend
a lover to make your heart pound
get you to make love sounds
someone to kiss you sweetly
who won’t make you feel needy
get you naked
got you thinkin’ about making babies
put a smile on your face
fill you up with grace
make your spirit rise
get you high on life
someone to give you more
what is it that you’re looking for
someone to cause you pain
someone who doesn’t listen to you
mistreats and hits you
ignores and then screams at you
who reeks havoc and racks your brain
a liar and a cheater
a receiver and a deceiver
a pretty face that brings only strife
make you want to take her life
is that what you prefer
someone like her for a wife
what else can I say
damn I think about you all day
I want to make you feel better
I want us to be together
live the kind of life we want to live
give the love that only lovers give
it won’t matter if we’re riding on a bus
the whole world will be envious of us
my love is real
my love is true
my love is strong
my love is forever
my love is yours


Too much

Too many emotions

too many feelings

they run deep

too many thoughts

too much passion

lovers fantasy out of control

too much time

too much love

forever is just around the corner

On you

Stuck on you

into you

want you

but can’t have you

desire you

feel you

need you

can’t get the same from you

my thoughts are on you

day dreams and erotic visions

want to lay with you

can’t get enough of you

talking with you is a joy

being with you is no chore

sit with you, hold your hand

call you friend

can’t get more from you

see your face and smile

kiss your lips and feel wild

adore you

could fall for you

I’m too much for you


don’t call me clingy
because I want to be around you
I enjoy your company
don’t call me a slut
because I want to have sex with you
I never give it up easily
don’t call me clumsy
because I trip over myself
you make me nervous
don’t call me a stalker
because I tried to find you
friends do it all the time
don’t call me crazy
because I have strong feelings for you
you’re easy to love
don’t call me insecure
because I want you for myself
monogomy keeps down confusion
don’t call me needy
because I want to be yours
I can admit that I need you
but is that such a bad thing
I am all of these things
only if you don’t feel the same
it’d be such a shame if you didn’t
but understand this
if you don’t someone else will

The Future

my mind is always on the future
where forever and eternity dwell
everyone else is stuck in the past
preoccupied with their work and worries
a temporary time and space
but you’re not there
you’re here in the now
and that’s ok
I just want to be with you
I’ve searched through time to find you
I want to take you where forever is
where eternity controls the seas
it may seem like such a long time
but it will fly by in a flash if we’re together
I’m in the future and want to take you with me
I know I’ve been impatient
jumping to warp speed when you just want to walk
we can do that so long as you hold my hand
I just want to show you the future
its filled with the light
forever is the sun at dawn
and eternity is the moon
there is no war between us
no worries
no hard feelings
love is our hearts
trust is our mouths
peace is our minds
friendship our souls
this is what awaits us in the future
come with me
we can walk if warp is too fast
lets take a walk through time as slow as you want
the future awaits us
with forever and eternity hanging in the sky


most of my prayers go unanswered
I won’t be winning the lottery
I won’t be getting an Ashton Martin
I won’t get the million dollar house
or the man of my dreams
I could scream out loud at times
still poor and lonely
I’m probably the strangest person I know
I keep most of my thoughts to myself
only God knows
I’m sure he thinks I’m strange too
I weird myself out at times
probably why my prayers go unanswered
I could live without most of them
hell I do already
just want to find the man in my dreams
had a voodoo woman give me a hint once
probably all a lie though
just wish love would come my way
a lover and a friend
guess that’s too much to ask for
two prayers in one
neither get answered
only the normal people get what they want
I could try pretending
but my secret would come out eventually
my strange ways keep most at a distant
few friends
my looks keep most uninterested
no lover to call
my crazy thoughts keep God silent
no answered prayers

Hold On

hold on to me love
I won’t let you fall
teach you how to fly
paint rainbows across the sky
hold on to me love
when the world feels like its closing in
I’ll open up all the windows… unlock all the doors
run free across sandy beaches… swim in the ocean wide
hold on to me love
there is no need for you to stress
I’ll make you forget all your troubles
just help me undo my dress
hold on to me love
you don’t have to go it alone
I’m here with you…right by your side
help you come up with a solution
fix any of your problems
hold on to me love
when you’re lost I’ll come find you
set you on the right path
help you make it back home
hold on to me love
and don’t ever let go
do it for us
and hold on to love
 by Felecia

Mr. Jessie’s Wisdom

Take people at their word…
then watch what they do
Say what you mean…
then do it
Be helpful…
but not a pushover
Love with all you’ve got…
but don’t be a fool
When a man wants you…
nothing will keep him from you
Don’t lie…
but don’t tell everything
Learn all you can…
but don’t be a know-it-all
Be smart…
not a smart ass
Love yourself…
don’t be conceited
Have many friends…
only trust a few
Love God…
you have nothing to lose
by Felecia


loneliness is a demon

that eats away at the soul

turning people into monsters

mean and angry at the world

it tears the heart to pieces

devouring it completely

leaving only a hollow shell

a lump of flesh that used to be human

that used to know happiness

and laughter

only the monster remains

the demon’s puppet

casting despair where ever it goes

screaming at the happy people

scaring children with its stare

it scoffs at lovers in the park

lonely monster roaming the earth

it goes to work for the daily grind

doing its unhappy work

day in and day out

it goes home to an empty house

no family to greet it at the door

no friends to call on

it watches t.v. till time for bed

it sleeps alone

sad monster

it wakes to start another miserable day

spreading hate because it doesn’t know love

so many monsters walking around today

all apart of the demon’s parade

still making monsters out of lonely people

loneliness is definitely a demon


by Felecia