The Future

my mind is always on the future
where forever and eternity dwell
everyone else is stuck in the past
preoccupied with their work and worries
a temporary time and space
but you’re not there
you’re here in the now
and that’s ok
I just want to be with you
I’ve searched through time to find you
I want to take you where forever is
where eternity controls the seas
it may seem like such a long time
but it will fly by in a flash if we’re together
I’m in the future and want to take you with me
I know I’ve been impatient
jumping to warp speed when you just want to walk
we can do that so long as you hold my hand
I just want to show you the future
its filled with the light
forever is the sun at dawn
and eternity is the moon
there is no war between us
no worries
no hard feelings
love is our hearts
trust is our mouths
peace is our minds
friendship our souls
this is what awaits us in the future
come with me
we can walk if warp is too fast
lets take a walk through time as slow as you want
the future awaits us
with forever and eternity hanging in the sky

About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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