don’t call me clingy
because I want to be around you
I enjoy your company
don’t call me a slut
because I want to have sex with you
I never give it up easily
don’t call me clumsy
because I trip over myself
you make me nervous
don’t call me a stalker
because I tried to find you
friends do it all the time
don’t call me crazy
because I have strong feelings for you
you’re easy to love
don’t call me insecure
because I want you for myself
monogomy keeps down confusion
don’t call me needy
because I want to be yours
I can admit that I need you
but is that such a bad thing
I am all of these things
only if you don’t feel the same
it’d be such a shame if you didn’t
but understand this
if you don’t someone else will

About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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