loneliness is a demon

that eats away at the soul

turning people into monsters

mean and angry at the world

it tears the heart to pieces

devouring it completely

leaving only a hollow shell

a lump of flesh that used to be human

that used to know happiness

and laughter

only the monster remains

the demon’s puppet

casting despair where ever it goes

screaming at the happy people

scaring children with its stare

it scoffs at lovers in the park

lonely monster roaming the earth

it goes to work for the daily grind

doing its unhappy work

day in and day out

it goes home to an empty house

no family to greet it at the door

no friends to call on

it watches t.v. till time for bed

it sleeps alone

sad monster

it wakes to start another miserable day

spreading hate because it doesn’t know love

so many monsters walking around today

all apart of the demon’s parade

still making monsters out of lonely people

loneliness is definitely a demon


by Felecia


About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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