When A Good Man Lives

When a good man lives

people stop and listen

they do as he instructs

others marvel at his wisdom

When a good man lives

you feel safe knowing that he’s there

no intruders dare set foot in his home

no scary monsters under the bed

or strange things lurking in the dark

evil fears his wrath

When a good man lives

the bills get paid… there is food on the table

his wife and children are well cared for

there is stability within the family

When a good man lives

He is a leader in his community

an elder in the church

one that others turn to when they need help

giving to anyone who asks

When a good man lives

he defends his country when called to duty

feeds the hungry and heals the sick

he insures that justice is rendered

a hero to strangers

When a good man lives

he is many things to many people… husband… father… friend

a symbol of strength… knowledge… and love

he possesses the power of heaven in his hands

When a good man lives

nothing can take his place

emptiness is left when he is not there

sorrow and fear move in…. loneliness

he is greatly missed by all who knew him

and those who never did

the world is out of balance and in chaos

When a good man lives

you are honored to know him

proud to be his… wife… son… daughter… niece

he leaves a mark upon you that is unmistakable

and not easily washed away

he is one sent by God to do his will

and only He [God] can call him home from his earthly duties.


By Felecia


About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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