Galaxy Writer

I am a galaxy writer

write your name with stars if you let me

write it in my heart for safe keeping

we could cross the universe if you choose

set the moon a blaze as we pass by

pray that heaven rain down us to put out the fire

few words or songs could express my desire

so much passion placed in one woman

can’t be satisfied by any ordinary man

I need a man of the sun to light up my skies

and makes my smile rise with the moon

we could dance across the night sky

and use the stars as stepping stones

kick them back down to earth as wishing stars

my love you can never duplicate

its not like anything you’ve ever had

in a place you’ve ever been

I will take you there

allow your cares to runaway with me

let my light hold and comfort you

warm you like a solar wind

and take sail over the constellations

go for a swim in the milky way

make andromeda our home

something thats so heavenly

has the hand of God in it

surely we will find him there

waiting for us at the center of the universe

I am a galaxy writer

write a song with the stars about my love for you

write it in my heart so it will shine forever



By Felecia


About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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