Come let us go to heaven
where our dreams were all started
and our imaginings are all real
riding comets isn’t just a fantasy
and making rainbows is a favorite pass time
where we are forever strong and beautiful
don’t u want to go to heaven
where the sky has no end
the birds are always singing
the fish are always biting
and kite flying is always in season
come with me to heaven
there is a place for you and me there
though u may not believe…I believe
I have hope enough for the both of us
faith enough for the two of us
enough love to cross over with u… for u
should u lose ur way…
I will find you
guide you  cross the galaxy to a place called Neverland
we could play as children there
follow the Tigris River through Eden
run naked in its garden
fly over the mountain peeks of Shangrala
and find peace there
till we reach the pearly gates of Heaven
where eternity and bliss lies
I will wait for you at the edge of Heaven
if ur not ready to go
I dare not enter there without u…
my truest love

By Felecia


About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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