My Smile

I found my smile again

it was lingering on a kiss

when I first saw you

you were marked by the light

I saw your halo

and knew you had to be mine

trying so hard to get with you

and not make it obvious

I want to be your lady

and you my gentleman

you touch me softly

caress my skin

hold my face gently

draw me in for a kiss

there it is… my smile again

you hold me tightly

as if I’m already yours

you make me feel beautiful

like a flower loved by the sun

shower me with your light

and I you with my love

let me show you what bliss is like

you can find it in my kiss

like I did my smile

nothing could be any more sweet

than to lay with you

let my smile be smothered

by cries of passion in the night

then rise in the morning with your light


By Felecia





About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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