The Kiss

I remember the kiss

felt your breath on my cheek

you pressed your lips to mine

they were soft and wet

I remember the kiss

you placed your hands about my face

drew me into you close

stole my inhibitions with one touch

I remember the kiss

so sweet on my lips

like spoils from a honey comb

tasted the necter from your tonge

I remember the kiss

that quenched my thirst

and feed my dreams the rest of the night

I couldn’t sleep… you know how the rest goes

Don’t you remember the kiss

it was under the full moon

the storm clouds still hung in the sky

prying eyes were all about us

You remember the kiss

we couldn’t pull away

we stopped but wound up kissing again

wanted more but couldn’t stay


By Felecia



About fpurefoy

I say what I feel and feel what I say.

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